Implemented a particle filter for kidnapped vehicle.

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Kidnapped Vehicle Localization with a Particle Filter


The Vehicle has been “kidnapped” and transported to a new location! Luckily it has a map of this location and a (noisy) GPS estimate of its initial location. Then the vehicle starts to move, in the meanwhile, it records the noisy sensor and control data. A real-time particle filter is implemented to localize the vehicle with the sensor data.

In this project, particle filter will be given a map and some initial localization information (analogous to what a GPS would provide). At each time step my filter will also get observation and control data.

Demo: Vehicle Localization (click to see the full video)


Demo Explanation:

Code & Files

1. Dependencies & environment

2. How to run the code

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Clean the project: $./
  3. Build the project: $./
  4. Run the project: $./
  5. Start the simulator v1.45, select the Kidnaped Vehicle, and click start.

3. My project files

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4. Code Style

5. Release History

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